To get the most from your board meeting, you have to organize your meetings in a way that encourage leadership and commitment. The majority of the time should be spent discussing strategies and approving actions plans. This is what board members do and their varied skills can be extremely beneficial.

Start the board meeting on time to honor fellow members who have busy schedules. Do not let committee reports go on too long since this could impede the the agenda. To ensure everyone is on the right track the chair should summarise the major points of the minutes and board package from the previous meeting before moving onto new items.

Send out your board materials in time so directors can review them before the meeting. But not too early or the information will get old. The ideal time is between two and three days prior to the board meeting, giving directors plenty of time to review the material. Regular preparation provides board members with the tools they require to be focused on governance and makes it easier for them to attend meetings. Use a collaboration tool for review and edit board documents. This allows the entire board to examine and edit documents even after they have been shared. Everyone is updated immediately with any changes, ensuring everyone is on the same page.